Acryl auf Leinen

no birds in the cosy sky 120x100
white sky touching the blue sea 90x100
inside_outside 100x100
landscape 50x50
cielo blu 40x40
stars in the cloud 100x70
white sky 50x50
the sun is glowing 100x70
tell me I'm dreaming 36x110
waiting 36x110
friday morning 36x110
so far 50x70
step by step 40x40
good morning 70x100
happy go lucky 50x50
like a fairy tale 50x50
snail's shell 40x40cm
view 40x40
that sounds good 60x60
figures 70x70
fragile 50x50
not so blue 40x40
und jedem Anfang wohnt ein Zauber inne 40x40
thinking white 40x40cm
nuancen 100x70